DVB-T2: plans to increase prices for Freenet TV

Freenet plans to increase the subscription price for Freenet TV slightly in May. The reports Infosat citing the Presentation of the 2019 annual report from Freenet. There will also be joint offers from Freenet TV and the IPTV program

Job market

  1. Schwarz Service KG, Neckarsulm area
  2. Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach

Up to now, 69 euros have to be paid annually to receive private channels in HD quality via DVB-T2 with Freenet TV. The public service broadcasters continue to offer their fee-financed programs unencrypted even after the switch to DVB-T2 HD. In Germany DVB-T2 runs with the coding method HEVC (H.265) and has an image resolution of 1080p.

Freenet has a 25 percent stake in Exaring. Waipu TV is a service of the company that helped establish a fiber optic network in Germany decades ago. Exaring has reserved an area with its own fiber optic line exclusively and thus has its own network with a length of 12,000 kilometers, which is now used exclusively for the transmission of German television stations over the Internet.

In the forecast for 2019, 350,000 subscription customers were expected for at the end of the year. This goal was already achieved in August. At the end of 2019, 408,300 customers had opted for one of the subscription variants of the IPTV product. The number of revenue generating Freenet TV users rose in the course of the year by around 6,900 to 1,021 million.
The final business figures for 2019 are expected to be published on March 27, 2020.

Media Broadcast discontinued Freenet TV Sat in February 2020 after just under two years, giving viewers access to the Freenet TV service in Germany via the Astra satellite system (19.2 ° East). The demand was too weak.

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