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With the new e.bootis-ERPII Analytics powered by Qlik feature, users can evaluate and monitor all the data available in e.bootis ERPII more quickly, and the control of internal business processes is improved. In contrast to traditional SQL and query-based solutions, the Qlik Associative Engine allows the implementation of almost any BI application and is not limited to the display of partial views due to predefined search paths. Instead, data from any number of sources can be combined and freely searched and analyzed, i.e. without defined search criteria or filters.

Extension of e.bootis ERPII to include an analysis tool

With e.bootis-ERPII Analytics powered by Qlik, users receive an intuitive analysis tool that bundles data from all areas of the company – from inventory management to accounting and controlling to human resources – and prepares them clearly in the form of dashboards. The BI tool thus ensures a high level of transparency in the company data and grants all users, depending on their respective authorization, access to one and the same database. For example, the management is given the ability to carry out global evaluations of all available data, while the department heads only have access to data that is relevant to them.

e.bootis Qlik Sense
e.bootis-ERPII Analytics powered by Qlik expands the e.bootis ERP system with analysis functions. (Image: e.bootis ag)

Creation of up-to-date ad hoc evaluations

Once set up, the data is always updated automatically and companies can provide information at any time, both internally and externally. The creation of up-to-date ad-hoc evaluations is also possible with just a few clicks, so that annoying time delays in the provision of data are no longer necessary. The latter takes place via standardized statistics pools, so-called data marts, which e.bootis develops independently. This is made available to users via the BI solution. In this way, all critical data can be called up almost in real time. They can be used for example for liquidity planning, project information, cost presentations, calculations of inventory structures, employee or job analyzes.

The interactive visualization of the data, which is automatically updated after each adjustment, is done intuitively via drag & drop. In addition, the Qlik Insight Advisor, which, among other things, remembers the frequency of use of certain evaluation formats, ensures increased data competence. On this basis, the tool provides recommendations for new analyzes. Users can make any search queries in natural language. The system then visually prepares the appropriate data in the preferred table or diagram form.

e.bootis-ERPII Analytics: available as a SaaS solution or from the cloud

e.bootis-ERPII Analytics powered by Qlik can be implemented either as a company SaaS or a cloud solution. From now on, it serves as an alternative to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solution integrated in e.bootis-ERPII, which will continue to be supported. In this way, users can always use the right tool for their requirements and the given infrastructure and data structure. The decisive factor here is which database types a company uses. Qlik Sense does not work on the basis of relational databases. The SAP BusinessObjects BI application, on the other hand, uses its own database, which enables further processing of the data.

As a technologically independent manufacturer of innovative business software “Made in Germany”, the e.bootis ag medium-sized companies in the DACH region in mapping their business operations and in digital networking. The ERP solution e.bootis ERPII Suite, which was developed entirely on Internet technologies such as Java and .NET, is platform-independent, fully scalable and integrative. The modularly structured complete ERP solution combines a large number of highly functional applications for the requirements of the various company areas.

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