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Whether fashion and lifestyle, consumer electronics or leisure needs – operators of stationary shops suffer severely from the restrictions. Regardless of how creatively they develop spontaneous solutions for their customers, they all only have a future in the medium term if they interlink their branch network with full-fledged e-commerce offers – from shops to e-commerce fulfillment – and intelligently use the strengths of both channels combine. It is important to seize the opportunity now and launch future-proof services. With modular solutions for their e-commerce fulfillment, such as the SaaS platform “Fulfillmenttools”, retailers can quickly and easily become active in times of temporary branch closings.

When selecting software solutions, modularity and flexible scalability are particularly important. Depending on their needs, retailers can use components such as a distributed order management system for the intelligent distribution of online orders to the ideal fulfillment location, through in-store fulfillment solutions and automated shipping processes to real-time insights with the back office and analytics module.

Offers such as Click & Collect and Ship-from-Store offer end customers a comprehensive service landscape and thus ensure success in e-commerce.

E-commerce fulfillment

Click & Collect: tangible customer benefits in digitization

In a study by Boniversum and bevh in 2018, around 60 percent of those surveyed stated that they had already tried Click & Collect. 24 percent of them even use the service at least every two months. According to PWC, the Covid 19 pandemic and its effects on retail have significantly increased the use of the service.

Advantages compared to purchasing in the store

  1. Stress-free shopping experience
    38 percent of those surveyed state that their purchase can be done much more stress-free with Click & Collect. 28 percent praise the time saved by the service (Statista 2020). The advantages: There is no longer any need to search for items, waiting at checkouts is avoided and you can pay online.
  1. Guaranteed availability
    According to the Statista study, 33 percent of those questioned perceive the visible product availability as a significant added value compared to traditional shopping in the store. Thanks to the availability check by the system and the confirmation – the complete order is ready for collection – you can avoid offering items that are out of stock. Or that customers encounter only partially picked orders in the store.

Advantages over classic e-commerce

  1. Faster delivery
    Customers value high delivery speeds: 46 percent of all consumers have already canceled online orders because delivery times were too long (McKinsey 2020). Since the average expected delivery time in Germany is 2.8 days according to a Sendcloud study from 2020, deliveries cannot compete with many Click & Collect models. Click & Collect is the preferred solution, especially when items are urgently needed.
  1. No delivery costs
    For many consumers, 28 percent, the issue of costs is a crucial point to use Click & Collect. Because the average collection costs are usually lower than the shipping costs – they are often free.
  1. Sustainability in online shopping
    Sustainability and support for local trade have become very important. In a study, 32 percent of those surveyed state that they use Click & Collect to support regional shops. In addition, 23 percent find Click & Collect more environmentally friendly than a delivery offer (Statista 2020).

Flexible e-commerce fulfillment – an example of success

Not only Germany-wide retail chains benefit when they now deal with solutions such as Click & Collect including optimized in-store fulfillment.

The bakery chain “Peter’s Gute Backstube” is a successful example of regional trading companies. The company from Bühl in Baden-Württemberg has recognized the advantages of digital services, especially against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of 2021, they used fulfillment tools to order and collect baked goods online in a very short time. Customers can not only buy bread, baked goods and snacks in person in one of the around 50 specialist shops between Karlsruhe and Offenburg, but also conveniently online from home to pick them up at the nearest branch. The previously purely stationary bakery is responding to the increasing challenges of the corona pandemic and changing customer needs with the implementation of flexible e-commerce fulfillment.

Solution for e-commerce fulfillment: Flexibly scalable and easy to integrate

Fulfillmenttools offers flexibly scalable solutions for the intelligent distribution of orders. In a so-called “Distributed Order Management System”, each order is distributed to the appropriate fulfillment location based on individually defined parameters such as inventory, distance to the customer, etc.

In stationary shops, fulfillment tools can be used to digitally support the respective steps from picking to shipping or handover to the customer (“In-Store Fulfillment & Shipping Integration” solution). The special thing about it: All modules can be integrated into existing systems.

E-Commerce Fulfillment, Dr.  Jürgen Brock

About the author: Dr. Jürgen Brock, works as CEO at OC Fulfillment GmbH. The start-up is Rewe digital’s first spin-off and offers the software-as-a-service platform “Fulfillment tools” at.