E-scooter: For many more toys than transport

The German Association of Cities wants to take the lenders of e-scooters more in the obligation. "There are many people who like to use the vehicles, but many see them as a toy rather than a means of transport," said chief executive Helmut Dedy the editorial network Germany. "We need clearer rules that must be binding, providers need to better educate their customers about how they use them, and they need to make sure that the vehicles do not stand around, sometimes interfering with or hindering others."

Green politician Cem Özdemir accuses Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) inaction on the subject of electric scooters. "Scheuer has allowed them and feels that they are no longer responsible for any further problems, and the conditions of use must be clarified," said the head of the Bundestag Transport Committee to the RND. Necessary are "defined storage areas, so that the parts are no longer in the way": "Vienna should serve as a model, as agreements with lenders may look like, from parking lots on a numerical limit to compliance with traffic rules everything in sight."

The city meeting had complained in July to Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, because he had called on the municipalities to participate in punishing violations of e-scooter drivers. That was not the responsibility of the cities with their regulatory authorities, Verena Göppert told the Deputy Chief Executive of the City Day. The minister should therefore address his demands to the states as competent police authorities. The cities controlled and regulated the dormant traffic. "This includes informing the providers of e-scooters about suitable storage locations and specifying areas that can not be used for them," explained Göppert in July.

The e-scooters have been approved in Germany for a few weeks. A driver's license is not required for this, users must be at least 14 years old. A helmet is recommended but is not required. The companions may be up to 20 kilometers per hour fast.

SPD faction vice mayor Sören Bartol said that more needs to be done to stop the misuse of electric scooters. "This is at the expense of weaker road users who deserve special protection." Necessary are more controls by the ordnungsamt and the police.

The Städtetag also considers additional checks by the police necessary: ​​"Violations of traffic rules, such as driving on the sidewalk or even drunken driving, there may be with these scooters just as little as with bicycles," Chief Executive Dedy is quoted. Since many e-scooter drivers drive illegally on foot, endanger passers-by and put the companions at will on the sidewalks, recently disability representatives expressed massive criticism. (with dpa material) /


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