E-Scooter: Kumpan presented two fast retro scooters

Motorcycles are currently being criticized for their noise emissions. This does not apply to these two: The Remagen company Kumpan Electric has presented two new electric scooters. They are the first Kumpan scooters that go faster than 45 km / h.

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Like the smaller predecessors, the two new models are designed in the retro look of the 1950s. 54 pulses is the smaller of the two scooters. It has a 4 kilowatt motor that accelerates the vehicle up to a speed of 70 km / h. Kumpan specifies the range as 100 to 120 kilometers.

54 Ignite drives faster

The model drives faster 54 Ignite: Its drive has an output of 7 kilowatts, at its peak even 8.4 kilowatts. The scooter can thus achieve a top speed of 100 km / h. The greater performance, however, costs range: The 54 Ignite covers 80 to 110 kilometers on one battery charge.

As with the predecessors, the batteries of the two new scooters are also located under the seat. There is also space for three batteries of the type Kraftpaket 2.0. The two larger models are delivered with two battery packs. Each power pack has a capacity of almost 1.5 kilowatt hours.

The battery can be charged at home

It is charged at the socket. The batteries can be removed for this. The scooter can also be connected directly to the electricity.

Because of the higher speeds, a simple car driver’s license is not sufficient for 54 Ignite and 54 Impulse. They belong to vehicle category L3e, for which a driving license of class A1 or an additional driving license to the normal car driving license of class B is required. For the 54 Inspire and 54 Iconic the driver’s license is sufficient.

Kumpan Electric is delivering the first examples of the 54 Ignite with immediate effect. The 54 Impulse model should be available in the fourth quarter and the basic version costs just under 5,900 euros. The 54 Ignite costs from a good 6,800 euros. The scooters are available in different colors, some of which are only available at an additional cost. A 360-degree crash bar, a windshield and a top case are available as additional accessories.

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