E-sports: League of Legends is "too commercial" for Munich


On January 22, 2020, the Munich City Council finally decided not to pay any money to the California developer Riot Games. It was a support of 160,000 euros for the rental of the Olympic Hall, so that the League of Legends European Championship 2021 – a kind of European championship – will take place there in August 2021.

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Was specifically about one Application from the business consultant Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) voted, who would have liked to bring the tournament into the city. The CSU and FDP were in favor, but the majority of the SPD, Greens and smaller parties voted against it. A spokesman for the SPD described the project as "too commercial",

The city council actually wanted to make the decision in December 2019. That would have been necessary because the application period only ran until the end of the year. Apparently, Riot Games has shown itself to be tolerant – probably also because Munich scored well in most other criteria compared to other application cities.

After the matter was postponed, there was also debate as to whether sponsors might provide the required 160,000 euros. Above all, the local savings bank was under discussion. These hopes have apparently been dashed.

With the tournament, the city wanted to fulfill a request of the CSU-led state government. In October 2019, it decided that a large e-sports tournament should take place in Bavaria as quickly as possible in order to position itself as an attractive location for game developers. The League of Legends European Championship 2021 would actually fit this plan.

Riot Games had asked for a total of around 400,000 euros in support. Of this, the 160,000 euros mentioned would have been incurred as rent for the event location. The Free State of Bavaria would have paid the remaining amount. The original tournament plans had been largely positively commented on by the community on social networks.

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