EA Play Included with Xbox Game Pass at No Extra Cost


EA Play gospel announced for users using Xbox Game Pass for PC. Users who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription on the PC platform will have the EA Play library with more than 60 Electronic Arts games. According to the official statement, this inclusion will take place tomorrow, on March 18, and no additional fees will be charged.

Whether PC or game console Become a user, sometimes using subscription systems of various distributors can be more convenient and cheaper than buying games. Some of these have one of the most popular libraries of recent times. Xbox Game Pass and containing many recent games EA Play.

When Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription system came to the PC, the vast majority of gamers were extremely happy. Most gamers had started using Microsoft’s subscription system instead of purchasing games. Later, the fact that EA Play came to Steam at a very affordable price pushed the majority of players to subscribe. An official news released by Microsoft today, is sure to increase Xbox Game Pass subscribers. will make you happy.

EA Play games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass library:

ea play xbox game pass

Two great game libraries, tomorrow so From 18 March coming together. Inside More than 60 EA games such as FIFA 20, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed ​​Heat, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and more The EA Play library is included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Of course, the event is not that limited; Xbox Game Pass users can go into many details as if they were an EA Play subscriber, such as trying new games, getting exclusive discounts and access to exclusive content. they will have.


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The best part of this event is that you do not have to pay any additional fees. You did not hear wrong; right now Sold for 29.99 TL Xbox Game Pass for PC membership, even after EA Play is included, according to the official statement will continue at the same price.

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