EA to Hold 2020 Apex Legends World Championship


A world championship will be held in 2020 for the free Battle Royale game Apex Legends with more than 70 million players worldwide. The events to be organized by the EA will have a prize pool of $ 1 million.

Free Battle Royale game Apex LegendsIt seems that you will soon have your own e-sports event. Work has started to be used for the first time in a tournament event.

Distributor of Apex Legends Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment, e-sports competition will be held in the next year rolled up the sleeves. The tournament will begin in early 2020 for the first time and the best players will be called.

Tournament rules and operation:

apex legends world championship

According to the EA's statement, the tournament, including 4 'big' From 12 live events It will occur. Some of these activities will be undertaken by the EA itself. The rest will be left to e-sports organizations such as PGL and GLL. The first three major events, 100 sets of three persons Top 60 teams in the final round of the fourth largest To be found. With a prize pool of $ 1 million, the event will reach a figure of $ 3 million throughout the year.

Apex Legends World Championship Qualified participants from more than 60 countries. One of the features that these participants should have is to be a PC player but not using keyboard and mouse. As long as PC access is available, game controllers can also be used in the tournament.

To compete in big rounds, teams will first have to prove themselves in a tournament on the internet. The teams that will then participate in the regional qualifiers will qualify for the world championship if they can pass this round.

apex legends tournament

The amount of prizes in the tournament is slightly lower than in other e-sports tournaments. Team winning the international Dota 2 tournament last summer With a $ 15 million prize It was only the beginning for the Apex Legends World Championship to be held for the first time, as the game has about 70 million players worldwide. This is Apex Legends in this highly competitive game genre Fortnit to and Overwatch games such as a strong opponent.


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First tours on the internet, On January 25th will be announced and applications will be received early in the month. The date when the big tournament will start running is March 13 it will be.

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