Earth’s Core Discovered to Grow Disproportionately

Our planet’s core is cooling faster under Indonesia than it is under Brazil, and scientists currently have no explanation for why. Work continues to solve this mystery.

The famous work of Jules Verne Journey to the Center of the WorldIt is not known what mysteries were on his mind when he started to write , but reality surpasses the works of imagination in this regard. The Earth’s core is in an unbalanced growth process.

Great mystery at the Earth’s core

the core of the earth

Scientists know what’s going on at the Earth’s core seismic waves can follow through. Passing through our planet’s solid iron core, these seismic waves travel between the poles much faster than along the equator for some reason.

Scientists have not been able to explain the reason for this situation until now. on June 3 Nature Geoscience A new study published in the journal Nature may have solved the mystery of this situation. In computer simulations Earth’s core is losing more heat in the eastern hemisphere, according to research examining the growth of the planet’s core over the past billion years. As a result, new iron crystals form faster in the east.


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According to Daniel Frost, lead author of the study, heat escapes from the inner core due to the movements of the outer iron core. This causes more heat escape on the east side compared to the west side. So the heat escape under Indonesia is greater than the heat escape below Brazil.

Doesn’t pose a risk

core growth


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So that we can visualize the formation in the nucleus, scientists tree sample gives. We can understand the situation more clearly when we consider that the layers in the tree trunk are less spaced on the west side, while they have increasingly wider gaps on the east side.

On the other hand, this is the core of our planet. asymmetric growth, It does not cause any deformity or imbalance hazard. The diameter of the planet’s core is getting larger by about 1 millimeter each year. The causes and effects of this situation continue to be discussed.