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The tools offered by Google for online advertising in AdWords are becoming increasingly extensive and complicated to use. The same applies to the statistics offered, they can be combined in various ways and allow hundreds of different reports. However, simple key figures such as the share of costs in the mediated sales cannot be obtained. A simple question like “Which ad groups should we pause with the goal of spending only eight percent of total sales” cannot be answered with the AdWords statistics.

Do you want to improve your AdWords account and find new potential?

Analyze your AdWords efficiency now instantly online at the account with the AdWords tool. The AdWords tool supports you in optimizing your account with online software that makes your work easier in various stages. The palette ranges from the free basic package to consulting.

The AdWords tool saves a lot of time in account analysis. You watch Google on the fingers so that no costs uncontrollably deteriorate the performance. Evaluate the activities of the visitors so that the target group is optimally addressed, or pause expensive keywords or ads directly from the tool and thus immediately improve the profitability of your advertising. Uncover weaknesses and optimize your AdWords strategy in no time.

Detect potential for improvement immediately with the automatic status report

A status report is available in the free Basic tariff. The report provides specific advice on how to increase earnings or reduce costs specifically for the analyzed Google Ads account. Links to the keyword planner make it easy to implement the recommendations directly in the Ads account.

The best landing pages are evaluated and focus attention on the quality of the ad groups that drive these landing pages. Computers, tablets and mobile phones are compared in the KPIs. In this way, bid adjustments for the CPC can be made in such a way that an optimal relation between the earnings and costs per visitor source is achieved.

The monthly report is a customer-oriented evaluation of the Google Ads account, which enables immediate cost savings and ensures long-term profitability.

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