Eclipse Foundation: Java EE successor Jakarta EE 9 should appear in mid-2020


The Enterprise Java only appeared last autumn under the new name Jakarta EE 8, which happened for the first time under the leadership of the Eclipse Foundation. As the responsible team announces, the upcoming Jakarta EE 9 version is to follow surprisingly quickly in the summer of this year.

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Under the leadership of the Eclipse Foundation, Jakarta EE is developed and supported by, among others, IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. The consortium had taken over the development of Enterprise Java from Oracle after the company wanted to hand the project over to the community. The name change to Jakarta EE was necessary because Oracle wanted to keep the name rights to Java EE.

As mentioned, Jakarta EE 8.0 already existed in 2019, but this edition only reflected the necessary changes due to the name change. According to Mike Milinkovich, director of the Eclipse Foundation, version 9 is expected in the middle of the year. Milinkovich admits that the planning of the Jakarta EE team for a publication in the middle of the year is seen as very ambitious by some community members. His announcement should therefore also be understood as a declaration of intent.

With new functions, Jakarta EE 9 should initially transfer all APIs of the specifications into the Jakarta namespace. In addition, outdated specifications should disappear and in return there should be some minor improvements to existing specifications, said Milinkovich. Jakarta EE 9 should also be compatible with Java SE 11 and also with Java SE 8.

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