ECommerce One expands platform by acquiring Baygraph


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ECommerce One BaygraphSource: ECommerce One

Baygraph GmbH is now part of the ECommerce One group of companies. Baygraph is known for its SEO and analytics tool for the eBay platform. The SaaS solution is used by online retailers and SEO agencies.

The aim of ECommerce One is to establish an ecosystem that can generate added value for online trading and make synergies usable. Founded in 2019 Baygraph GmbH is now a subsidiary of the holding company but remains independent. The management of Baygraph, which Michael Gross will remain at the helm, will be expanded by Sebastian Czock. At the same time, he will retain the position as Director Development and authorized signatory at Afterbuy/ViA-Online GmbH.

Daliah Salzmann, Managing Director of ECommerce One AcquiCo GmbH, explains the takeover: “Michael Gross, founder and managing director of Baygraph GmbH, was an eBay dealer himself at the time and therefore developed software based on the needs of the dealers. Baygraph has also been expanded step by step in recent years and is now even used by DS products, among other things.”

eBay merchants can strategically manage growth

The Baygraph SaaS solution covers the areas of product research, keyword research, listing optimization, marketing and tools. With tools such as the ranking check, account check, pricing, keyword tool and video upload, Baygraph offers eBay traders all the necessary data and control options. These enable retailers to achieve sustainable and strategic growth. Michael Gross explains, “Baygraph’s tools make selling on eBay easier, more professional and more profitable. With the support of the ECommerce One group, Baygraph will be able to grow and expand much faster.”

ECommerce One offers added value for online trading

The holding company ECommerce One is thus continuing to expand – with the aim of offering online retailers an all-round service. “We invest in successful companies that aim to generate added value for online retail, create synergies and promote growth. What Michael Gross did in a few years as a lone wolf Baygraph achieved is impressive. It is very valuable for all companies within the group to have his expertise as an online retailer on board,” says Daliah Salzmann.

The ECommerce One group of companies, founded in 2021, creates a common platform for solution providers. The aim is to establish an ecosystem in the e-commerce market. And thus to create added value for online trading as well as to generate synergies and joint growth. Under the umbrella of holding company ECommerce One is formed by software providers such as Afterbuy and DreamRobot. The investment company Oakley Capital is behind the group of companies. This is a private equity mid-market fund. This specializes in investments in industries with potential for growth, consolidation and optimization. (sg)

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