Efficiency Rate of Sinovac Vaccine in Turkey Announced

The Lancet published the phase 3 results of Sinovac’s coronavirus vaccine in Turkey. According to the related article, the effectiveness rate of the coronavirus vaccine developed by China is 83.5 percent in Turkey. In addition, this vaccine prevents hospitalization 100 percent.

The 198-year-old well-established medical journal The Lancet reported that the coronavirus vaccine named Coronavac, developed by the Chinese vaccine company Sinovac, is in Turkey about the activity status published an article. According to the published article, Coronavac’s third phase resultsefficacy of the vaccine 83.5 percent reveals that.

According to the information in the article, Coronavac’s phase 3 studies in Turkey, 10 thousand 214 people joined. Volunteers ranged from 18 to 59 years old. In addition, 4 people were over the age of 59, but data on these volunteers were due to age excluded from phase 3.

Highlights of the article in The Lancet


According to the article, some of the people who participated in the phase 3 studies were given the real vaccine and some of them were given a placebo, that is, empty vaccine. One of the volunteers who received two doses of the vaccine, 14 days after the vaccination COVID-19was caught in. That number rose to 41 during phase 3. Only volunteers who have received actual vaccines 9 of them got COVID-19It was determined that 32 people were in the placebo group.


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Phase 3 studies of Chinese coronavirus vaccine in Turkey, hospitalizations of this vaccine It blocked 100 percent revealed. In addition, none of the citizens who are in the phase 3 phase and caught COVID-19, due to this disease. he didn’t die. Now the most curious thing about this vaccine is how effective Coronavac can be against variants such as delta and delta plus.

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