Einhorn Selling for Tesla Invites Elon Musk to Resign

David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital's free investment fund manager, who sold openly for Tesla, called Tesla CEO Elon Musk to resign. Einhorn called for Musk to resign because the company's solar panels caused a fire.

Greenlight Capital's free investment fund manager called Tesla CEO Elon Musk to resign after the electric car manufacturer's solar panels ignited. David Einhorn, after Walmart sued Tesla twitter shared their thoughts. The reason Walmart sued Tesla was that the wrong solar panels at seven Walmart caused fires that caused millions of dollars of damage.

Heavy criticism from Einhorn

Tesla Solar Panels

If Tesla wants to save the human species, Einhhorn says that he should pay more attention to the security of his customers. “How many solar panels are still defective and can cause fire? Tesla should immediately inform people living and working in risky buildings. Secret Project Titan is out of control. The redemption process should have taken place a long time ago. Elon Musk, you must resign ” used the phrase.

Tesla refused to respond to Einhorn's tweet, pointing to a joint statement with Walmart on Thursday. The companies said they were focusing on the future to restore power to the installation of Tesla panels at Walmart stores.

Tesla and Walmart partnership

Companies, said in a statement Ötesinde Above all, both companies want all systems to work in a complete, efficient and safe way ” said.


Alteration of Tesla Model S, Ford Model T, of Electric Vehicles

Tesla and Walmart are partners in several clean energy initiatives and Tesla's solar panels are installed in more than 240 stores. In a court file this week, however, Walmart was asked to Tesla to remove solar panels from all of its stores and to compensate for damage to fires in Ohio, Maryland and California between 2012 and 2018.