El Salvador to Use Bitcoin as Official Currency


The government of El Salvador has approved the bill to make Bitcoin the official currency. With this decision, the country’s second official currency became Bitcoin. How the decision, which is a first in the world, will contribute to the economy of El Salvador will be clear in the future.

Many countries of the world have been cryptocurrency While we were working on banning U.S. units or keeping people away from this sector, a lot of news came from Central America. The Savior government allowed Bitcoin to be the official currency of the country. El Salvadorans, from now on, besides the dollar BitcoinThey can use it as they wish.

The Bitcoin decision of the El Salvador government went into effect at jet speed. In the past few days personally President The bill, which was expressed by 62 representatives in the parliament, was accepted with a yes vote. El Salvador’s decision it is a first in the worldWe can easily say that this decision could start a brand new era for El Salvador.

President Nayib Bukele believes the decision will move the country forward

The Savior

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, mentioned very important details in his statements about Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s market size 680 billion dollars Bukele said that if only 1% of it enters El Salvador, the gross domestic product of the country will be reduced. 25 percent claimed to increase. The president, who is only 39 years old, has taken a relatively young administration with this decision. to innovations against It showed how he looked.


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For now, how will Bitcoin being the official currency affect the economy of El Salvador? Unknown. Because, as we have just mentioned, such a practice has never been implemented anywhere in the world before. The roadmap, which is expected to be determined by the government in the coming days, is a guide for other countries on how such a volatile currency should be managed. demo will have created.

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