Electric car: Lucid Air has a greater range than Tesla's Model S.

Who drives the farthest? So far, the Tesla Model S Long Range electric car has been the measure of things in terms of range. But a competitor contests the title: The electric car of the California startup Lucid Motors manages more kilometers with one battery charge.

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According to a recent software update, the Model S is expected to create 628 kilometers after the driving cycle of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Two Lucid Motors employees drove the Lucid Air limousine more than 644 kilometers on one battery charge.

According to Lucid Motors, the car makes 400 miles (644 kilometers) on one charge. To test this, two employees drove along the Pacific coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles in February and did so documented in a video. Lucid did not tell how long the route was. According to the video, the two employees had covered over 400 miles at their destination, i.e. more than 644 kilometers.

The vehicle was then charged overnight. The next day the two drove back on the highway. The car was a prototype: the video shows that the paneling in the footwell is missing. The vehicle has not yet been officially presented. Lucid wanted to show it at the New York auto show. The fair, which should take place this month, is canceled. The presentation is therefore postponed to August.

Lucid Air is a luxury sedan. Little is known about the technical details. On the website in addition to the range, Lucid Motors only mentions acceleration from a standing start to 100 km / h in just under 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 320 km / h. Although the vehicle has not yet been officially presented, it can already be reserved.

Lucid was founded in 2007. Several former high-ranking Tesla employees work for the company: Former production manager Peter Hochholdinger has taken on the same function at Lucid. Peter Rawlinson, once chief engineer at Tesla and significantly involved in the development of the Model S, has now become the head of Lucid.

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