Electric cars: 50 Tesla Model 3 soon on the road as taxis in Düsseldorf


Taxis are usually equipped with diesel engines or drive around as hybrids, but the Taxi Norman company in Düsseldorf now wants to switch to electric cars. For this purpose, two Model S were first put into operation as taxis. In the next few weeks, 50 Model 3 will be added, as the company announced. The entire vehicle fleet comprises one RP Online report 150 vehicles.

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The Düsseldorf SPD wants to change the taxi regulations to set up four to five exclusive stopping places for taxis with electric drives. In addition, the company is also helped by other parties to operate the vehicles profitably. This is how the municipal utility companies are supposed to deliver cheap electricity. According to the report, the electricity should cost the taxi operator 35 euros per car per month, with recharging unlimited times.

The Düsseldorf taxi company plans to completely switch to electric cars by 2023.

In Berlin, a taxi operator gave up with a single Model S after not being able to charge as cheaply as before. There, the charging network operator switched from a flat rate to a consumption-based electricity price bill. In addition, many charging stations are parked, even if there is no charging at all, according to the former Tesla taxi driver.

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