Electric cars: EU Commission approves German funding for charging stations


The EU Commission has approved the German government’s target of 500 million euros in funding for publicly accessible charging stations. The support in the form of repayable grants is given, the beneficiaries are selected in an open and transparent tendering process, the Commission found.

EU member states can promote the development of economic sectors if the aid is proportionate and limited to the necessary minimum, explains the EU Commission. In addition, the funding in Germany for an open and user-friendly charging infrastructure will encourage the switch from fossil fuels to electromobility. The EU’s climate and environmental goals would be pursued without unduly distorting competition.

The funding program will be financed partly from the Development and Resilience Facility (RRF) within the framework of NextGenerationEU – if the European Council confirms the positive assessment of the German development and resilience plan by the Commission, and partly from national funds.


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