Electromobility: GM will not build a fuel cell car


Battery instead of fuel cell: The US automotive group General Motors (GM) has given up its plans to develop a fuel cell car. The development of electric vehicles was not affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, according to the company.

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Because of the pandemic, the company had to temporarily stop working. Nevertheless, the development in the field of electromobility continues, the schedule for the vehicles based on the Ultimum platform is adhered to, the company said after a conference call by Dane Parker, responsible for sustainability at GM, with journalists.

Parker affirmed that GM plans to have at least 20 electric cars on offer by 2023. GM announced that in 2017. However, a fuel cell car will not be among them as planned at the time. Parker said at the conference tweeted Michael Wayland, Auto journalist for the US television station CNBC. GM will focus on batteries in passenger vehicles.

GM wants to build fuel cell trucks

However, the group wants to stick to the fuel cell. It is to be used in military and civil heavy vehicles.

Despite the difficulties due to the Covid 19 crisis, GM wants to keep to the electric car schedule with the Ultium battery platform. The company launched Ultium in March. This component is to be installed in the Cadillac Lyriq, in the Hummer pickup and in the autonomous Cruise Origin vehicle. GM should also plan a van with Ultium.

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