Electromobility: Singapore prefers buses to the Tesla lifestyle

Electromobility yes, but e-buses instead of e-cars: Singapore wants to solve its traffic and environmental problems with electric vehicles. However, the Southeast Asian city state relies on public transport (public transport), ie buses and trains. Much to the chagrin of Elon Musk.

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The Tesla boss had criticized Singapore, because the conversion to electric vehicles to his liking is too slow. The government was opposed to electric cars, Musk had announced.

In one Interview with the US economic news agency Bloomberg Singapore's Minister of the Environment Masagos Zulkifli countered the accusations: "If there is a country that can convert 100 percent of petrol vehicles to electric vehicles, that's Singapore."

But the problem is the loading: There are already not enough parking spaces. How will it only be with a place at a charging station. "We do not have a solution yet"he admitted. His government has a powerful tool to accelerate the transition: to buy a car, the citizens of Singapore needed a permit that the government would give each for ten years. That was a good way to drive change, the minister said.

However, the Government of Singapore considers that developing public transport is a better solution to traffic problems and global warming than driving around in a Tesla. "What Elon Musk wants to produce is a lifestyle"Zulkifli said Musk's allegations. "But we are not at lifestyle, we are interested in suitable solutions to the climate problem."

Singapore is located on an island and is therefore particularly threatened by sea-level rise. Dealing with the effects of global warming is as important to the Singapore government as national defense. She assumes that she will have to invest the equivalent of 65 billion euros in protective measures over the next hundred years.