Elite 75t in the test: Jabra's new Bluetooth earplugs are not better in everything

The Jabra Elite 75t are the direct successors of the Elite 65t. The manufacturer has also adopted some of the tried-and-tested features of the True Wiress In-Ears for the new model. There is again an ear detection and the Bluetooth earplugs can be used in parallel with two devices – an absolute rarity with completely wireless Bluetooth earplugs.

The Elite 75t are significantly smaller than the previous model and should fit better in smaller ears. had no problems with the fit of the Elite 65t and the new model also sits comfortably in the ear. In a direct comparison, we like the comfort of the Elite 65t slightly better, but the new model is also tight without pressing uncomfortably.

When used under a hat, there are the same problems as with the previous model: As soon as we move our heads, there are annoying rustling noises that spoil the enjoyment of music. It is positive, however, that the earplugs do not press or hurt under a hat. This is still not a matter of course with completely wireless earplugs, many other models hurt so much under a hat that they cannot be used at all.

Smooth-running buttons on the Elite 75t

The Jabra Elite 65t continue to set standards in the operation of Bluetooth earplugs as a predecessor. They have separate buttons for volume control, making them particularly easy to control. The buttons are pleasantly smooth and the assignment of the buttons is very intuitive. Many other manufacturers rely on sensor surfaces that are very susceptible to errors if several commands are placed on them.

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The buttons on the new Elite 75t are also pleasantly smooth, but the buttons for volume control have been saved. Both earplugs only have a multifunction button for control. Volume control on the plugs is still possible by holding down one button. Again and again it happens to us that when changing the volume different commands are executed than we actually want because we let go of the button too early.

Jabras Elite 75t (Image: Martin Wolf /

We really like the Elite 65t with the separate volume buttons; the problems described never occur here. There would have been enough space for this even on the smaller plug. It is a shame that Jabra has opted for a noticeable loss of comfort. Because the button control of the Elite 65t is among the best that we have seen with Bluetooth earplugs so far.

Elite 75t deliver better sound

In terms of sound quality, we like the Elite 75t better, they deliver a more intense bass, coupled with balanced mids and highs. The sound is voluminous, lively and pleasant. Fortunately, the caller can be heard on both plugs during calls. We only get the high bass intensity if we opt for well-sealed attachments, but then there are the step reverb problems of the previous models.

These problems occur with a large number of Bluetooth earplugs and also with earphones with plastic attachments. If the attachments actually seal optimally, this creates a correspondingly strong pressure in the ear, which in turn leads to step reverberation: we hear every single step when walking as a muffled appearance in the ear – this is uncomfortable and reduces the enjoyment of music.

Apple is currently the only manufacturer to have recognized this problem and has come up with a solution for it, which is used in the Airpods Pro, namely a special, automatic ventilation system. This effectively prevents step reverb. So far, we know of no other manufacturer who would have tackled the problem of the reverberation hall – even Jabra is currently unable to counter Apple's idea.

Two parallel Bluetooth connections possible

The new Jabra plugs have another special feature that we miss with most other Bluetooth earplugs: they allow two Bluetooth connections in parallel. The plugs are connected in parallel to two devices and we can switch between the devices as required without having to disconnect an existing Bluetooth connection.

We could have connected them with a tablet and a smartphone, for example. If a call comes in via the smartphone while we are watching a film on the tablet, we can answer the call directly with the Jabra plugs. But even those who use a professional and a private smartphone in parallel can accept calls from both devices without having to re-establish the Bluetooth connection.

Ear detection was also adopted from the Elite 65t, which we also like very well with the Elite 75t. The plugs use sensors to detect whether they are in the ear. If we take one or both of them out of our ears, the music pauses immediately. As soon as they are back in the ear, the music continues to flow.

Jabra has improved a lot in transparency mode.

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