Elite 75t: Jabras new Bluetooth earplugs with long battery life

Jabra launches the 75t Elite Bluetooth Tune Earplugs that build on the success of the Elite 65t. The proven special features of the True Wiress In-Ears were also incorporated into the successor model, which was presented at the Ifa 2019. There is again an ear detection and the parallel use with two devices via Bluetooth is also available.

Job market

  1. COGNOS AG, Cologne
  2. University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Mainz

The new model offers longer battery life and has an improved charging case with magnet fixation for the plugs. Compared to the predecessor model, the Elite 75t should be 20 percent smaller and thus sit comfortably even in very small ears, without falling out or hurt. Despite the size reduction, the manufacturer promises a longer battery life than the Elite 65t. Instead of 5 hours so far, the Elite 75t should reach a battery life of 7.5 hours.

Jabra has reworked the included case. It now has a magnetic fixation so that the earplugs can not accidentally fall out when the case is open. The Elite 65t does not yet have a magnetic mount. The pouch can charge the pegs almost three times, giving a total battery life of 28 hours. The new charging case has a USB-C port, and later a wireless charging solution for the Elite 75t is offered.

Elite 75t with case (Picture: Jabra)

The new model is again operated by buttons – the Elite 65t we found this particularly successful, because the keys are very smooth and it does not hurt in the ear, if we press the buttons and the pegs push it further into the ear. It would be desirable if that would be the case with the Elite 75t.

The Elite 75t runs with Bluetooth 5.0 and has four microphones built in to filter out loud ambient noise and wind noise. A caller should be able to understand well the carrier of the elite 75t also approximately in public transport. The new model is to provide a good sound quality and is again protected by IP55 against water and dust.

In our big comparison test of seven True Wireless In-Ears from May 2018, we liked the Elite 65t very much, because above all the operation was implemented particularly well. With such small Bluetooth earplugs it is a big challenge for all manufacturers to get an error-free and painless operation. In the ideal case as comfortable as possible with volume control directly on the earplug.

Jabra wants the Elite 75t in the two colors titanium black and gold beige in the middle of October 2019 bring for the price of 200 euros on the market. The Elite 65t are to get cheaper with a list price of 170 euros.