Elon Musk Answers Questions About SN9 Launch


The last of the Starship prototype launches, which SpaceX has recently increased in number, resulted in a big explosion. After the launch of the SN9 prototype, which is considered a good launch despite everything, Elon Musk answered some questions about the launch.

SpaceX, the space transportation company of Elon Musk, is the most important project of the company within the scope of manned missions. Starship working on. While some of the successive prototype launches were successful, others to giant explosions going on stage.

Recently launched SN9 prototypes in the beginning had made a very good launch. However, the SN9, which could not perform the very critical turning maneuver during landing, was near the next prototype SN10. hit the ground and exploded. The reason why the turning maneuver is not possible is that the second engine inability to fire while maneuvering as announced.

Elon Musk answered some questions from Twitter after the explosion:

Elon Musk tweet

We all know how active Elon Musk is on Twitter. Musk also spends a lot of time answering questions posed to him on Twitter. Answering the questions after the explosion of the SN9 prototype, Musk asked a follower, ‘Why did they act risky by firing two engines instead of three during the landing’. ‘We were so stupid’ gave the answer. Of course, it must be said that this answer is an extremely ‘ironic’ answer.

Starship has a 3-motor design and rightly reminded that ‘wouldn’t it be more logical to ignite all three engines to be used if one of the engines causes a problem, and to deactivate one of the engines again if there was no problem?’ comes the question.



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But of course, there is a different answer to this question than Musk’s ‘We were so stupid’ answer. Although there are three engines in the design of Starship, SpaceX is currently more safe and slow landings trying to realize.

It is thought that working together of three giant rocket engines will lead to much more aggressive landings in general. Another reason for this is that SpaceX’s raptor engines still in development and their lack of stable performance. However, Musk still thinks it is a mistake not to activate all three engines for this type of scenario.

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