Elon Musk Blows A Cryptocurrency We Haven’t Even Heard About


“Time is the ultimate currency,” on Twitter. Making a statement, Elon Musk once again turned the crypto money markets upside down. A cryptocurrency called Wonderland, which uses the TIME abbreviation on exchanges, was valued more than 60 percent with the statement.

Cryptocurrency world, almost the last 1 year Elon Muskunder the influence of. Affecting millions of investors with a post he made, Musk has shaken the market so far. Elon Musk, who made a new statement in the past hours, added a new one to his ingenuity. Wonderland (TIME) peaked after Musk’s tweet.

Elon Musk only used the following statements in his statement on Twitter; “Time is the ultimate currency“. The equivalent of this expression in our language, “Time is the ultimate currencyCryptocurrency investors who saw this tweet almost turned to Wonderland, which uses the TIME abbreviation on the exchanges it is listed on. they flocked. TIME, which was traded at $ 600 before the announcement, with Musk’s statement $ 985 endured. Thus, investors have made more than 60 percent profit in just a few hours.

Elon Musk’s tweet received thousands of interactions

Elon Musk

Looking at Coinmarketcap data, TIME’s lowest in the last 24 hours from $547 We bear witness to the transaction. Cryptocurrency based on $ 985, which jumped after Elon Musk’s tweet, as of 15:15 from $890 continues to be traded. In the meantime, let’s also mention that the crypto currency in question has started to be traded today.


The incident will not be the last, as it is not the first ingenuity of Elon Musk. However, knowing how long this process will continue. not possible. Because the billionaire businessman, who manages to turn the markets upside down with every tweet he sends, makes some people rich while others bankrupt. The interesting thing is that investors are now Whitepaper They stopped reading important documents like Elon Musk and started to act with a tweet by Elon Musk. Time will tell where this will end…


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