Elon Musk Continues to Sell Tesla Shares

Elon Musk, who decided to sell 10 percent of Tesla shares as a result of a survey he started on Twitter, sold about 1 million more lots. Thus, Elon Musk sold a total of $ 9.9 billion in shares. Musk will sell shares for a while to keep his promise.

World-famous businessman Elon Musk gave a message to his followers on Twitter. asked a question and as a result of this question, Tesla shares 10 percent He had decided to sell. The reason why Musk started such a business was the “Billionaires Tax”, which has been spoken for a while in the USA. The support of his followers for this decision put Musk on an irreversible path. The billionaire, who started selling shares as of last week, sold 4.5 million lots of shares. Sales continued throughout the week and now a new one has been added to these sales.

Elon Musk, 934 bin 091 lot (It was $1.05 billion at the time of the sale.) Tesla sold his stake again. Thus, the total number of stock lots that Musk has sold to date has exceeded 9.2 million. The total cost of these sales is 9.9 billion dollars recorded as.

Sales will continue

Elon Musk

According to the data shared by Tesla, the number of stock lots owned by Elon Musk is 170 million. 10 percent of that 17 million lots doing. So Elon Musk will continue to sell shares for a while. Heavy sales will also directly affect Tesla shares. Already Tesla’s NASDAQ When we look at the listing, the stock lot prices lost around 4% We see. Musk’s Twitter poll and other sales also directly lowered share prices…


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To be frank, Elon Musk’s move to sell shares hurt himself the most. Because the 9.2 million stock lots sold to date, while the ATH of Tesla shares is $1,243, approximately 11.43 billion dollars was doing. Moreover, the stocks were in a steady uptrend. However, this situation does not affect Elon Musk very much. may not concern. Because when we look at the real-time billionaires index of Forbes, the wealth of the business person 290 billion dollars We see it’s around. This money is too much, even for Elon Musk. So, it probably is…

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