Elon Musk Gives Tesla Pick-up a Hidden Date

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk gave a date on which Tesla Pick-up will be introduced in an answer to a question on Twitter. Musk said Pick-up will probably be introduced in November.

Ella Musk, Tesla's CEO, had previously announced that the company was working on a pick-up van, but did not give any details. He also pointed out that the third generation of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles had priority. It was not known when the vehicle would be introduced.

CEO Elon Musk gave a hint about the launch date of the new Tesla Pick-up on Twitter today. Elon answered the question mü Is it possible for the pick-up pickup to be held before the end of October? Ve and said the pickup will likely be introduced in November.

tesla pickup

Tesla is currently working to finish and release the Model Y. Therefore, the introduction date of the new truck is not finalized. However, we can expect new details about the upcoming event in November.

Tesla's rivals are increasing:

tesla pickup

But Tesla must be a little faster to get the truck out. Rivian, a venture company, had seen the electric truck Rivian R1T before. Amazon had invested $ 700 million in this venture. Other than Rivian, there are other companies working on electric vans. Workhorse and Bollinger companies are also included in this group.


Tesla Pick-up: A Competitor to Challenge the Best-in-Class Ford F-150

The main vehicle Elon Musk targets with the Tesla Pick-up is the Ford F-150. Musk, Ford's earlier statements about this model in the United States said that the most sold vehicle. The new model will meet the same or more expectations as the F150 said. Commenting on the appearance of the vehicle, Musk said, iniz If you see this vehicle on the road, you will feel like in a science fiction film ”.