Elon Musk Provides Details About Starship Rockets


Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, burning with the dream of reaching Mars, shared new details about the company’s rockets. According to Musk, the cost of rockets is considerably lower than the rockets NASA uses for the same missions. In addition, rockets can be used multiple times.

It’s been on our agenda for a while. SpaceX, had put together the Starship rocket and Super Heavy launch unit for some tests last week. Together 120 meters The duo, who reached the length of time, took the ‘longest rocket in the world’ record from NASA’s rocket. Now about the exciting Starship. Elon Musk’s We are here with the details he shared on social media.

According to the information given by Musk about this rocket, which is aimed to provide the transportation of people between Earth and Mars, the rockets are quite affordable compared to other rockets used in the same area. Besides that they can be reusedtakes this affordability to even higher levels.

As long as it’s reused, Starship will be incredibly affordable:


Musk, who came to him on Twitter,Starship cost‘ while answering the question about Starship’s reusability standing on it. They say Starship will be incredibly affordable for earth orbit and lunar missions.

But when it comes to Mars, things get tough, according to Musk. This is Earth and Mars every 26 months due to the same alignment.


If we look at how much is saved with Starship rockets, I’ll tell NASA at this point. will question life We encounter such values. Because if what Musk says is true, the cost of Starship is NASA’s only 1.3 percent of what he spends on the same tasks will coincide. Earlier, Elon Musk said that the running costs could be about $ 2 million, then added that this is less than the cost of even a small rocket.


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Starship, where there is no clear information about its functionality because it has not yet gone to its main tasks, seems to make everyone’s work easier in this area if it is successful.