Elon Musk: Tesla to build minibus for twelve passengers


In an interview with the US daily newspaper The Mercury News a San Bernardino County official announced that Tesla and the Boring Company are working on a minibus. The bus is scheduled to travel to Ontario International Airport, which is 70 kilometers east of Los Angeles Airport, on a planned underground feeder route.

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The tunnel is said to be built by Elon Musk’s Boring Company, who submitted a proposal to the city. The San Bernardino County City Council voted unanimously because it was significantly cheaper than previous plans. A study for alternative connections to the airport has been stopped for the time being.

According to Curt Hagman, the city council chairman, the planned bus will accommodate up to twelve passengers and their luggage and will connect the airport with the city of Rancho Cucamonga north of the airport. Originally, the Boring Company’s proposal only included specially developed Tesla cars, but Hagman specified this in an interview with the newspaper.

Musk already spoke of minibuses

Tesla had never built a van or minibus before. In March 2018, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter about a local bus concept that can carry pedestrians and bicycles. So far, however, this has not resulted in specific projects.

The Boring Company’s proposal includes a 4.5 kilometer long and 4.2 meter wide tunnel. The buses are said to move through the tunnel at speeds of up to 204 km / h and cover the route in one and a half to two minutes. It is unknown whether the route will ultimately be built and whether Tesla will actually produce a bus for it, since the project is still in a very early phase.

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