Emma – The Sleep Company opens first flagship store in Shanghai


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01/17/2022 – Category: Trade

Emma-The Sleep CompanySource: Emma Sleep GmbH

At the beginning of the year, Emma – The Sleep Company opened the world’s first flagship store in Shanghai. The new store is the next expansion step in China and part of the expansion strategy in Southeast Asia.

The new flagship store in downtown Shanghai aims to increase brand awareness of Emma – The Sleep Company. With its integrated “Experience Center” and “Sleep Lab”, the store is a novelty in China. Since the market launch of the direct-to-consumer sleep brand Emma in China in 2018, an office in Shanghai followed in January 2021. 35 employees now control the activities of the Frankfurt-based company in China. Since brand awareness has a major impact on Chinese consumers’ purchasing decisions, the next step was to add an on-site presence to the online business.

Emma – The Sleep Company’s own store gives customers the chance to get to know and try out the brand and products. In line with its omnichannel strategy, Emma responds to customers and their needs via various channels. After a nine-month planning process, the world’s first flagship store for the international sleep brand was opened on January 5, 2022 by Milton Han, Head of Retail China at Emma.

Brand awareness ensures success in China

Manuel Müller, Founder and Managing Director of Emma – The Sleep Company, explains: “China has grown into one of the world’s largest markets for sleep products. The market is highly fragmented, but offers us enormous growth potential: Chinese consumers are continuously improving their quality of life. Health and sleep are essential components for this.”

Milton Han comments on what customers expect from the purchasing process for new sleep products: “Chinese customers are very open to new products and attach great importance to product quality. Compared to European consumers, customer experience and customer service play an even greater role. In addition, Chinese consumers often rely more heavily on trusted recommendations, such as from family and friends, when purchasing products. The opening of a flagship store with innovative experience offerings was therefore a logical step in order to create trust through a local presence and to increase brand awareness in China.”

Emma-The Sleep Company
The heart of Emma’s new flagship store in Shanghai is a revolving construction with all mattress samples that can be folded down and tested. (Image: Emma Sleep GmbH)

Outfitting the flagship store of Emma – The Sleep Company

The sales area of ​​the flagship store is arranged in a circle over an area of ​​265 square meters and decorated in the Emma colors of blue and orange. In the middle of the exhibition room, the mattress samples are exhibited in a revolving construction: mattresses that are of interest to the customer can be folded down and tested. Two touchscreens enable an interactive shopping experience and provide information about product specifications and the technology in the products. Orders can be placed in offline-to-online mode via mobile devices: On-site customers can also benefit from the 100-day return guarantee and home delivery.

Emma-The Sleep Company
Touch screens enable an interactive shopping experience and provide information about the product specifications of Emma products. (Image: Emma Sleep GmbH)

The two immersive experience rooms, “Experience Center” and “Sleep Lab”, are unique on the Chinese market. In the Experience Center, all four walls of the room are projected with a continuous projection of realistic backdrops and special effects to show the technology behind the products. The sleep laboratory is equipped with Emma’s specially developed real-time measuring device. This determines the individual sleeping needs on the basis of sleeping positions and corresponding pressure and relief points. A personal consultation based on this is carried out on site by Emma sleep experts.