Emotet attacks Hannover Medical School


Emotet has struck again: since Monday, the IT of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) fights with the infestation by the malware. This was confirmed by a hospital spokesman Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) on Thursday. Accordingly, 170 computers were quarantined in the University Hospital.

The IT experts at the MHH had the infestation under control, the spokesman said. There have been no new infections since Wednesday. Patient data are not affected according to current knowledge. But since Emotet scans mails for distribution, their distribution can not be ruled out.

Only a few days ago, the BSI had warned against increasing emotional attacks. The activities have increased a lot for over a month. So an Emotet infestation put the Neustädter administration out of action. Even hospitals were affected by cyber attacks, as a case in Rhineland-Palatinate showed.

In May there was an Emotet incident in Heise-Verlag, which we have documented in detail. In the webinar "Emotet at Heise – learning from our mistakes" Let us explain in detail which failures have fostered the infection and, above all, the subsequent spread and how it can be better protected. Also the BSI has information about Measures to protect against Emotet collected on a separate page.

More about protection from Emotet:


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