End of Tunnel Appeared: Third Dose Vaccinations Started

Vaccination processes continue to ensure social immunity in the fight against coronavirus. In this context, the third dose of vaccines for citizens aged 50 and over and health workers was started.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting. Making important statements about vaccination, Minister Koca said that citizens aged 50 and over and healthcare workers third dose of vaccine announced that they could.

The Minister of Health also doses of vaccines waiting time between announced that it was reduced. In line with these explanations, studies have started as of today and the third dose of vaccine has been applied.

Third dose of vaccines started


Kırklareli Training and Research HospitalThe third dose of vaccines started to be administered to our citizens aged 50 and over, especially healthcare workers. Citizens who have been vaccinated also shared their views on vaccination.

A citizen named İlke Karaçam, who received the third dose of vaccine, Immediately after the statement of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca He stated that he got his appointment and had his third dose of vaccine at Kırklareli Training and Research Hospital, so that he was safer.


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A health worker named Sevgi Özyüksel said:We were waiting for the third dose of vaccine. Because now summer has come and we are tired. Third dose of vaccine more secure I am feeling” made a statement. Healthcare workers were among those working in the most difficult conditions during the pandemic period.

Invitation to the third dose of vaccine



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Esra Kaplan, one of the healthcare professionals,while inviting me to get vaccinatedexplained that he felt safer with the third dose of vaccine. During the fight against the coronavirus, the normalization process accelerated with the vaccination.

With the third dose of vaccines to end the pandemic completely. It will be a very important step. According to some experts, if the next wave of pandemics occurs, it will be among the unvaccinated.

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