Energy Minister Announces the Tangible Value of Discovered Natural Gas


Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez, Black discovered 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 7-8 years may be sufficient to Turkey’s gas needs and explained that the value of $ 65 billion.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday in the Black Sea 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves He said it was found. This new reserve, which will significantly end the country’s dependence on foreign energy, is expected to become active in the coming years.

After the President’s statements, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih DonmezCame from. Explaining the financial value of the natural gas reserve found, Dönmez said that even if a new source cannot be found, this gas should at least 7-8 years He said it would be enough.

The value of the discovered natural gas is 65 billion dollars

Turkey’s history with the discovery of the largest natural gas 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas does not start Ministers speaking about “We started seismic research studies in this region 14 months ago. There is a sea depth of around 2100 meters in this region. After 1400 meters of excavation, 2 gas flows started to come. Even if we cannot find a new source, this gas meets the 7-8 year requirement. Calculated retrospectively the value of the gas is 65 billion dollars.” said.

Saying that they can construct the pipeline with a tender procedure, Dönmez said that the extraction process of natural gas Turkey Petroleum stated that it will be carried out by. “We have the power to manage this process with local and national means, from the source to the furnace in the house.The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources underlined that, regardless of what the Greek Cypriot administration said, the searches continue in the places where we are entitled.


Features of Fatih Drilling Ship, which is Disclosed to Discover Natural Gas in the Black Sea

New resources can be discovered

In the Black Sea, where natural gas is located, studies continue in the nearby regions. Although it is currently 320 billion cubic meters, it continues to work to find new resources. our drilling vessels, may soon make us happy with new discoveries.

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