Enes Batur Made Robotic Coding Class in a School

Enes Batur, who has the highest number of individual subscribers in YouTube Turkey, had a robotic coding class given to the school in Batman upon a letter from a follower. Enes Batur used the expressions “It was the most meaningful day of my life” for this movement.

YouTube is one of the biggest names in Turkey. Enes BaturToday, it has more than 15 million subscribers. We know Batur, whose name we often hear on social media with the videos he shoots, with his songs and movies, as well as on YouTube. Today, he came to the fore with a meaningful and exemplary move he made.

Enes Batur visited the school where Şenay Aybüke Yalçın, a teacher who was martyred 4 years ago, works. The school named after the martyred teacher in Batman robotic coding class The famous YouTuber, who helped make this happen, expressed this move he made for school with the words “It was the most meaningful day of my life”.

A request with a letter was fulfilled:

enes batur

Enes Batur’s creation of a robotic coding class at school was due to a letter he received from a fan. Enes Batur, who shared his Twitter account, letter to him also shared. In that letter dated February 23, Enes Batur’s follower asked him for help.

enes batur


Thank you, my dear, I just ate and I came: To what do we owe the lynching culture in social media?

The person who wrote the letter stated that the dream of many students at school is to have a robotic coding workshop. The exemplary act of Enes Batur, who likes or dislikes him on social media, appreciated by many.