Enola Holmes Smashes Netflix Records


Warner Bros. Enola Holmes, who acquired the broadcasting rights of Netflix after being thrown aside by, managed to make a very strong breakout. The movie managed to become the most watched movie in 78 countries for 4 days.

One of the world’s largest online subscription series, movie viewing platforms Netflixcontinues to spend millions of dollars on its original productions. Netflix also continues to challenge the giant Hollywood studios with the number of movies it has released and its budgets.

However, the most watched production of the platform may not be the movies with the most money. $ 150 million 6 Underground, $ 70 million The Outdated Guard, $ 65 million Extraction, $ 85 million Venture Energy and 250 million dollars A smaller scale film compared to The Irishman Enola holmesMay be Netflix’s most watched original movie.

Enola Holmes may be Netflix’s most-watched original

Netflix enola holmes watch rate by country

Enola Holmes has achieved the highest breakout since March and has become the most watched movie in 78 countries around the world. According to Flixpatrol data, the film, which debuted on September 24, managed to be among the 10 most watched productions in all 78 countries on the day of its release. became the most watched movie. Film; On September 25, 26, 27 and 28, it was the most watched movie in all 78 countries.

Netflix’s most-watched movie so far, released in April this year and starring Chris Hemsworth. Extraction film. Film in its first four weeks 90 million views had managed to pass. Considering that Enola Holmes just started airing five days ago, it is quite possible that it will surpass Exraction.


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Movie, famous detective Sherlock HolmesIt is about Enola Holmes, her sister, searching for her missing mother and helping a runaway lord. The film, which was generally appreciated by the critics, managed to get a passing grade from the audience. Well, have you watched Enola Holmes? What are your thoughts on the movie?

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