Environmentalists Find G20 Decisions ‘Weak’

World; While struggling with global crises such as climate change and pandemic, eyes were turned to the critically important G20 summit before COP 26. The decisions taken on climate change at the summit, where world leaders came together, disappointed environmental organizations. Criticism is that the decisions taken are ‘weak’ and ‘visionless’.

G20 leaders will meet in the Italian capital on 30-31 October. They met in Rome. This meeting, which is expected to address global crises such as climate change and pandemic, attracted attention recently after 2020 was announced as a record year in greenhouse emissions. Environmentalists and citizens, who are waiting for decisive steps to prevent the climate crisis, of ‘poor’ decisions not glad.

year 2050by scientists critical date is expressed as. Researchers have so farzero emissions‘ even though he says we have to reach his goal China and Russia countries like these do not seem in a hurry. According to the information obtained, while most of the G20 leaders accept the 2050 target, global emissions most contributing Countries such as China and Russia objected, stating that they found this date ‘too early’. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made the following statement on the subject: “2050 is not a magic number. Russia hits zero emissions target It will try to reach it by 2060.

“The year 2050 may be too late,” environmentalists say:

g20 climate change

at the top ‘significant and effective’ While no concrete plan was put forward at the G20 summit regarding the ‘zero emissions by 2050’ target, which was called for Greenpeace organization, G20 leaders not behaving as required by the current conditions for the final declaration of the summit by accusingweak, unwilling and visionless” he commented.


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“If the G20 was a rehearsal for the COP 26 climate summit,” said Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace. world leaders got their hands dirty” the international organization established to end global poverty. Global Citizen‘s manager, Friederike Roder, said that he did not find the steps announced at the summit meaningful and said,sketchy words” he stated.

The Italian Prime Minister considers the summit ‘full of content’:


In his speech at the United Nations Climate Summit in 2019, he told the leaders “how dare you!” Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg accused world leaders of saying empty words. However, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, despite the criticism of world leaders, that this summit was ‘full of content’. expressed.


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At the G20 summit, which is of great importance before the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26), until the end of 2021 stop giving international public funding to coal-fired power plants decision was taken. Despite this, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres commented on the summit: with my hopes unfulfilled I’m leaving. But at least they are not completely buried from.”

Promised to ensure fairness in global vaccine distribution:

g20 vaccine

Fighting the pandemicwas among the most important topics of the G20 summit. G20 leaders 2By the end of 021, the global population will reach 50%. to a close extent, to vaccinate 70% by the middle of 2022. to ensure that every country has access to a vaccine a just order They promised to work towards providing Stating that the difference in vaccination rates between high-income countries and poor countries is morally unacceptable, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said in his speech at the summit that this situation has a global impact. making it harder to return to normal drew attention.


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Another important decision taken at the summit was the implementation of the global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, which was accepted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). in the G20 The entry into force of this decision on the minimum corporate tax in 2023 While planning, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is of the opinion that this agreement, which he describes as ‘historical’, will create a more fair and effective international tax system.