Epic Games: Google Tries To Break Our Collaborations

Details of Epic Games’ case filed against US-based technology giant Google have emerged. According to documents published by Epic Games, Google tried to block some of Epic Games’ agreements with LG and OnePlus. Epic Games had to add Fortnite to the Google Play Store after this situation.

The mobile game industry has been mixed as of last night. One of the most popular battle royale games in the world Fortnit towas banned from the Google Play Store and App Store after an update to its mobile players. Epic Games even sued both Apple and Google after this development. Now, new information has emerged on these cases. These documents are Epic Games’ with interesting claims full.

In fact, Epic Games is the root cause of the problem between Apple and Google trio. money. Epic Games adds a new payment method to the mobile versions of Fortnite. Google and Apple are also removing Fortnite from their app stores, stating that such a thing is not possible because it is against store policies. However, Epic Games claims that this is all. not limited.

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Chinese technology manufacturer, according to Epic Games’ claims OnePlusHas decided to come to an agreement with Epic Games to preload a launcher for Fortnite on their phones. However, Google was uncomfortable with this kind of situation and forced OnePlus to give up this decision. Moreover, a similar situation is the South Korean tech giant LG also happened on the front.


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The agreement between Epic Games and OnePlus, the Google Play Store taking out. Because users can use Fortnite with this launcher that comes preinstalled. directly Can access. This situation disturbed Google. In addition, according to Epic Games’ claims, Google Outside of india tried to prevent countries. The agreement of OnePlus and Epic Games included global markets.

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When we look at Epic Games’ explanations about LG, we see that there is a similar situation. LG is allegedly a initiator but Google strongly opposed this situation. Unable to withstand the pressure of Google, LG gave up this launcher after a while. Here’s Epic Games, Fortnite after all these problems Google Play StoreHe expresses that he had to add to.

Google does not comment on these allegations. He did not. However, Epic Games argues that such a deal can be made with all technology manufacturers. When we look at the event from the Google and Apple front, the technology giants store usage policies Emerges. It is currently unknown how this situation, in which both sides are right, will result.

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