Epic Games: Mechs play in tenth season with Fortnite


Shortly after the conclusion of the first Fortnite World Cup, the development studio Epic Games has unveiled the tenth season: Season X. Thematically, it's all about time travel: this means, among other things, that players can revisit some of the previously known locations. However, the areas partly look completely different.

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The most important innovation, however, is a steel colossus called B.I.E.S.T. (B.R.U.T.E. in the English version). The monster is reminiscent of Mech Warrior and Titanfall and offers plenty of brawl when trotting over the map and while fighting.

In the cockpit of the colossus there is room for two participants. One is responsible for the movement control, the other controls the two weapon systems, a shotgun and a rocket launcher. Anyone traveling alone in the vehicle has to switch back and forth between the two positions.

Of course with the new season there is also a new chargeable Battle Pass, which this time allows immediate access to two outfits, as well as unlockable extras. For the first time there are missions: "Unlock rewards by completing a series of thematic goals that will send you on an adventure across the entire island", describes Epic Games in the company blog this novelty.

There is a lot more news, for example at the locker. The inventory system is now also available in Save the World game mode, providing access to emotes, music packs, and loading screens.

With future updates, additional items should fit into the virtual cabinet. In addition, Epic Games has added modding content to season 10 content for modders so hobbyists can use it in their projects.