Epic Games rejects Apple’s theft allegations

Epic Games defends itself against Apple’s repeated allegations of theft: The iPhone company has no “right to the fruits of our labor,” the Fortnite developer emphasized. After all, the purchases made in the app are money that players spend on Fortnite content and thus the work of “Epic’s artists, designers and developers” – Apple has no claim to ownership of this.

Apple has repeatedly accused Epic of theft in the dispute over in-app purchases. The bypassing of Apple’s prescribed payment interface (In-App Purchase – IAP) can be compared to shoplifting or stealing money from a safe on Apple’s premises, according to the iPhone group.

Apple is making the “unbelievable claim” that something will be stolen from the company if a developer like Epic integrates a direct payment option into its app, argues the game publisher in a new submission in the ongoing legal dispute (Epic Games vs. Apple, File number 4: 20-cv-05640, US Dictrict Court, Northern District of California) – no property was stolen from Apple.

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According to Epic, Apple has no general claim to in-app purchases, but only a contractually stipulated one – one was “forced” to agree to the developer agreement. This is a prerequisite for selling software for iPhone and iPad. Apps can only be offered in Apple’s App Store, digital content must be sold in the app via Apple’s payment interface – this allows the iPhone manufacturer to withhold up to 30 percent commission on every purchase.

In August, Epic smuggled its own payment interface into Fortnite via which users can purchase the game currency directly from Epic by credit card – parallel to Apple’s payment interface. Apple and Google then threw the game out of their app stores, Apple also threw Epic out of the developer program. Epic wants to force Apple and Google through legal action to allow alternative payment systems for digital content in apps. With the breach of contract one wants to demonstrate that competition can exist and that users and developers would benefit from it, writes Epic.


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