Epic Games Will Distribute Free Games Every Day For 15 Days


The Epic Games Store has given players another good news with the New Year’s Holiday Sale, which will begin on December 17th. The platform will give 1 free game every day for 15 days.

With free games given every week Steamstrengthening hand against Epic Games StoreAnnounced that it is in great preparation for the New Year Holiday Sale. December 17The company announced that they will make a discount of up to 75 percent in games with the New Year’s Holiday Sale in. 15 days every day throughout 1 free game He said they would give.

Starting from December 17 2 Epic Games will give you 1 game free every day for the week, to purchase each game 24 seconds will present. Add the free game to your library in this 24-hour period, and it will be yours forever.

Epic Games Store

15 surprise games will be free

Epic GamesThe 15 games that will be free in this campaign of are currently not announced. It is not known which games the company will offer for free, but we estimate that at least 1 solid game will be given for free. After this campaign of Epic Games, many players wonder Cyberpunk 2077 It started asking questions like will it be free, but we have to say that such a possibility is difficult for now.

Cyberpunk 2077, which CD Projekt RED has developed for many years with a multi-million dollar budget, will not be free in its first week. (If only) Instead, the company did in previous periods and made a lot of attention. GTA 5 We can see a game of similar quality but with the passing of time. Of course, we will try to deliver the free game series that will start next week and continue until the first days of 2021 with our valuable followers.


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Well you guys Epic Games StoreWhat do you think about this move of? What games will the company make for free? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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