Epilepsy Cured With Pig Brain Cell Transplantation

The experimental method used by scientists to treat a sea lion could be a glimmer of hope in curing epilepsy. It has been announced that the treatment method, which is carried out by transplanting pig brain cells, has given very impressive results so far.

There has been a very important development in the scientific world. Researchers have been working on how to effectively treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy for a long time. An experiment performed in a sea lion with epilepsy in the US state of California is in this area. took a big step.

Cronutt The sea lion, named after him, was unable to eat with the increase of his epileptic seizures. But after an experimental surgery by transplanting pig brain cells, Cronutt’s no seizures in the past year shared. Scientists have now started to investigate in which other living things this process can be applied.

It is planned to be tested on humans as well.

epilepsy treatment

Cronutt, who started to have epileptic seizures due to the types of bacteria found to affect the nervous system of sea lions on the California coast, became so serious in 2020 that ‘euthanasia’ seemed like the only option.

Scientists have previously in the hippocampus region They had tried to apply the treatment by transplanting some of the pig brain cells, which are found and prevent epileptic seizures, into mice. Subsequently, epilepsy disease was observed in all mice. fully cured had been observed. The researchers began preparations for the surgery to see if this method would work for Cronutt as well.


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Just like in mice, Cronutt’s brain is located in the hippocampus region. up to 200,000 pig brain cells transferred. Although the sea lion’s condition is extremely serious, it is stated that he has not had any epileptic seizures in the last year. Researchers say that with this method, Cronutt will now live a longer and healthier life.

Scientists believe that this treatment before it is applied to humans there is still a need for extensive research and make sure it does not cause any harm. states. After the answers to these question marks are clarified, it is aimed to develop the treatment method for humans as well.

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