Equifax data theft: US government accuses Chinese hackers


The massive data theft at a credit bureau that affected nearly 150 million Americans was carried out by Chinese government hackers, according to US authorities. The U.S. Department of Justice indicted four members of the Chinese People's Liberation Army on Monday for the cyber attack on Equifax.

The data theft became known in 2017. It was particularly explosive because the attackers had also gotten the victims' social security numbers. In the USA, these numbers are often used for everyday identification, for example for mobile phone contracts or credit inquiries. The attackers also had access to names, dates of birth and addresses – and to the license numbers of at least ten million Americans, as the Ministry of Justice emphasized,

The US suspects Chinese hackers are behind other data theft cases, including the agency that manages information from government officials – the Marriott hotel chain, and the insurance company Anthem. According to IT security experts, Chinese secret services, among others, can benefit significantly from the data.


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