Erkin Koray Revolts Against Those Who Use His Works Without Permission


Erkin Koray, one of the legendary names of Anatolian Rock music, announced that he will take those who share their works on social media without permission. Koray, “Stealing my bread and labor and eating it is your bread and butter?” said.

Although we are familiar with quoting songs and music in social media applications, from time to time, an artist’s work can be shared as a whole from some accounts. This is also true for artists to be harmed why is this happening.

Finally, to the names who reacted about the copyright Erkin Koray joined. Koray, who is among the important names of Anadolu Rock, from social media account announced that they will impose sanctions on those who use their works without permission.

“Stealing my bread and labor and eating it is your bread and butter?”

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Koray made a statement on his social media account.YouTube or similar media; People who put my music as they please, from now on my team will report the videos you put. Don’t come up with nonsense arguments like ‘my bread and butter’. ‘Is it your bread and butter to steal my bread and labor?’ I ask then! To you 4 days off. It will start on Monday, June 7th.

Also, in recent years, completely illegally I will also sue the owners of the released LPs” used the phrases. Thus, the famous artist has given a deadline for the removal of his works from royalty-free shares.


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The importance of social media revenues has increased

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Especially due to the pandemic, many artists cannot go to the stage and the event cannot be held. as it stands from social media and Spotify Royalty payments from platforms such as artists are becoming more important to the budget of the artists.


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According to Erkin Koray’s statement, the famous artist, from 7 June He will start litigation with his team. It seems that those who share the artist’s works on platforms without permission or copyright will be targeted. We will keep you informed as new developments occur on the subject.

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