Estal is now also selling packaging online – eCommerce Magazin

Estal, specializing in the development of premium packaging, has inaugurated its e-commerce platform in order to be able to offer its customers added value. With the opening of its own marketplace, the company is taking a further step in the digitization of its services and is positioning itself at the forefront of the digital market for premium packaging. It now offers a new buying channel so customers can choose the process that best suits their needs.

E-commerce platform for premium standard bottles

The new sales platform, currently available in Spanish and English, has a no-nonsense and elegant design that matches its brand image. In addition, the online shop should offer the user a simple and efficient experience. Customers who want to purchase the products via the e-commerce platform have a digital catalog for premium standard bottles and can choose from numerous packaging in a wide variety of categories, such as wine and sparkling wine, schnapps, gourmet, beers, mixers, cosmetics and Room fragrance.

The purchase options are broad. Different volumes, colors and spouts can be selected for all products. The products from the Estal catalog, which stand out due to their innovative character, are represented on the new “Marketplace”. For example, customers can purchase 100 percent recycled bottles with the color “Wild Glass” with the sommelier concept, vessels with the “Double High” system and products from the “Wildly Crafted” bottle portfolio.

E-commerce magazine Estal
Estal offers premium bottles, for example for wine, schnapps, gourmet and cosmetics. (Image: Estal)

Availability of product samples

The minimum purchase quantity is one pallet. Product samples can be requested in advance. Estal guarantees delivery within a week in Spain and offers the possibility of deliveries abroad. The sales manager at Estal, Jan García, explains “The inauguration of this e-commerce platform allows Estal to make customers an offer with added value that combines digitization, a willingness to serve and innovation.”

Estal was founded in 1994 as a specialized packaging company and offers a large number of premium packaging solutions. Among other things for wine, spirits, beverages, gourmet products, perfume and cosmetic products as well as room fragrance products. Thanks to its achievements in the industrial sector, the company is now one of the market leaders in the personalization of packaging. Estal develops packaging products with technical innovations and avant-garde design. (sg)

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