Ethereum Breaks All-Time High Record

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise again with the money flow that comes with the news that Elon Musk will sell Tesla shares. Ethereum has rebounded its all-time high record.

The cryptocurrency market was in great anticipation with the survey conducted by Elon Musk on Saturday. Musk’s idea of ​​selling Tesla shares in order to avoid paying taxes by realizing his profits, along with the crypto money market, caused activity in all markets as soon as the stock markets opened. With the opening of the stock market, Tesla shares More than 7% depreciation The cryptocurrency market has been on the rise.

Finally, Ethereum, which saw the level of $ 4,650 on November 3, became one of the record-breaking names of the morning. Ethereum, around 6.15 am 4.737,26 The dollar value reached an all-time high. The cryptocurrency is currently moving sluggishly above the $4,700 level.

Bitcoin also started to rise:


On the other hand, as soon as the stock markets opened on the morning of November 8, the flow of money to cryptocurrencies, of course, also increased the number one cryptocurrency of the market, Bitcoin. The unit, which opened at 03.00 in the morning at 63.200, a few hours later. $ 65,670 level rose. Bitcoin is currently circulating at these levels. We will see if Bitcoin continues this activity and sets a new high record.

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