ethletic introduces new tool for tipping seamstresses in the web shop

  • The shoe manufacturer ethletic is a novelty in the clothing industry.
  • With the tip me solution, customers can place an order Add a tip in the webshop.
  • The company with the Fairtrade seal is considered Pioneer in sustainability.

It started with the world's first sneaker with the Fairtrade seal of approval ethletic a new era of sustainability. Now the ethletic pioneers are implementing their initiatives Improvement of living conditions the seamstresses in Pakistan: with tip me, the global tip. Customers can tip the shoe sewers directly and safely – every third person is already using this new option.

ethletic introduces digital tip

Historically, the first campaign in a global textile supply chain is a cooperation with the Berlin social start-up tip me. After three years of preparation and the end of the beta phase since September 2019, the international launch has now taken place. With just one click in The ethletic webshop is added to the Tipster and the tip is automatically added to the shopping cart in the desired amount.

tip me It then transfers it directly to Pakistan via the electronic form of payment by "SMS transfer", where the money is distributed fairly to the SIM cards of the employees according to a distribution key. All employees are individually registered with their IDs and mobile numbers for the tip me program in Pakistan and can have the money paid out at any time at a kiosk or a local bank.

Appreciation for people's work

"Right now we particularly recommend tip me to our customers. In countries like Pakistan, there is no social network and no double ground for security. Job losses mean a plunge into the bottomless. Our community is very aware of this and they are currently even making more donations via tip me, even without placing an order. That is impressive. ”- said Marc Solterbeck, CEO of ethletic.

With the tip sent around the world, customers can express their personal appreciation for the work of people. ethletic and tip me ensure that the money goes transparently and 100 percent to the workforce in Pakistan because they bear the additional costs of the project. With an average daily wage of five euros, this is quickly doubled by an appropriate tip. This not only helps people there to have a better standard of living, but also gives them a more positive outlook on the future and education of their children.

ethletic has been a fair employer since it was founded

The global tip is an absolute novelty in the clothing industry and further evidence of the attitude that has shaped ethletic from the start. ethletic not only pays wages that are 20 percent above the minimum wage there, but also a voluntary bonus to the “Worker's Welfare Society” of the production company in Pakistan, which finances social projects in accordance with the employee council.

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