EU Commission adapts regulations for product safety to the digital world


The EU Commission has submitted proposals for a revised guideline for general product safety. It wants to adapt consumer rights to the digital world and strengthen them at the same time.

The General Product Safety Regulation aims to introduce product safety rules for online markets and address the risks associated with new technical products such as cybersecurity and online shopping. With its proposal, the EU Commission wants to ensure that dangerous products are recalled from the market. Market participants will be given more responsibility, said Věra Jourová, Vice President for Values ​​and Transparency of the EU Commission.

Online marketplaces should set up a contact point through which direct communication about dangerous products with the market surveillance authorities of the member states should be possible, according to the proposal. The supervisory authorities can order that dangerous or illegal products are removed from the online offer.

The new regulation aims to ensure that all products reaching EU consumers through online marketplaces or the closest store are safe. This should happen regardless of whether they come from the EU or from outside.

Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, said the digitization accelerated by the pandemic had led to an increase in online shopping and fundamentally changed the financial sector. “It is our duty to protect the most vulnerable consumers in particular. With our revision of the existing EU rules on consumer credit and general product safety, we are doing just that.”

The revised Consumer Credit Directive aims to ensure that credit information is clear and corresponds to digital devices. In this way, consumers should be able to understand what they are signing. The rules with which creditworthiness is assessed are also to be improved. This is to avoid the problem of over-indebtedness. The regulation calls on Member States to promote financial education and to ensure that debt advice is made available to consumers.

The EU Commission’s proposals are now being discussed by the Council and Parliament.


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