Europe Announces How Much of the Population Has Vaccinated


European Union officials announced that 70 percent of people aged 18 and over have received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. In this way, officials who stated that they left the USA and other countries behind, stated that the vaccination process continues at full speed.

Vaccination, which is the strongest trump card against the coronavirus pandemic, is almost a worldwide phenomenon. turned into war. Countries are trying to get rid of the pandemic and look ahead by completing the process as soon as possible. The latest news is that the European Union is at this point. reached its first target. it reveals.

In the statements made by the European Union officials, every individual over the age of 18 70 percent of It was stated that at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine was shot. Officials, who say that this rate remains at the level of 69 percent in the USA, all other countries and unions of the European Union on vaccination. back that you left they stated. How about the situation in Turkey, we can say that we still need a little more time.

European Union opened later on vaccination

European union

European Union countries, the initial stage of the vaccination process they didn’t manage very well.. The United States, for example, had already vaccinated 10 percent of its population at the beginning of February. European Union countries can only reach this rate. at the end of March could reach. At the last point, we see that the European Union is in a much better situation. We hope that similar statements will be made in Turkey in the near future. Speaking of Turkey, what about the vaccination amount in our country?


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Latest data on the vaccination process in Turkey


created by the Ministry of Health According to the data we received from the website, the number of people who received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine in Turkey, 39 million 963 thousand 479. According to the data of TURKSTAT announced at the end of 2020, our total population is around 83 million 614 thousand. When we add registered and unregistered refugees to these, it is obvious that we have a much higher population. When we compare these data, it is seen that the rate of vaccination in the total population of Turkey. not even reach 50 percent We see. However, based on citizens aged 18 and over, the rate of citizens who received at least 1 dose of vaccine 64.38 percent We can say it is.

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