Europe’s Module on the International Space Station Introduced


Columbus, Europe’s module aboard the International Space Station and managed from Germany, was introduced in a video by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. The video module recorded at a 360-degree angle reveals in detail.

A video has been released in which the crew member of the International Space Station’s Columbus module, which consists of many modules and has a 20-year history, was introduced by Thomas Pesquet. One of the most special aspects of the video Recorded at 360 degree angle to be.

The 75-cubic-meter Columbus is not only the largest module Europe has sent to the space station, but it is also the first European research facility sent into space. Management of the module, near Munich Columbus Control Center at the German Space Operations Center being carried out by.

The module has a high-tech garden where various plants are grown.

Arriving at the station for a six-month mission in April, the French astronaut shows in the video some of the vehicles used by the crew both inside and outside the station. Among the vehicles; a high-tech garden called Veggie, where astronauts grow different types of plants and to investigate the dynamics of fluids in zero gravity Fluid Science Laboratory used is located.

Pesquet viewed the 360-degree video with a mobile device, showing a new sleep station he will use halfway through his mission. It is possible to observe the surroundings while introducing the module.. The video can also be dragged with the mouse to view the module in its full form on the desktop.


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