EVO Payments supports Silkpay in its expansion in Europe


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With the range of the most popular payment options in other European countries, the customer’s shopping experience can be improved on all channels. This is exactly what Fintech Silkpay, based in Paris, has set itself as its goal. As one of the “best start-up companies in Android development”, Silkpay offers European merchants omnichannel payment solutions for payment acceptance. Thanks to the cooperation with EVO Payments, Silkpay can expand its online business throughout Europe.

EVO Payments, a full-service provider of payment technologies and services, provides the gateway and acquiring services that enable Silkpay to expand its online business across Europe. In addition, the shopping experience at the POS in Germany should be made more efficient with smart terminal solutions.

Silkpay opens up new markets and customers

In addition to the classic payment methods in European countries, the focus is also on Chinese consumers who use payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. “I want to offer the best experience to Chinese tourists visiting Europe and I plan to use Silkpay to give them the opportunity to pay in France and Europe like they would in their home country,” explains Annie Guo, Founder and CEO of Silkpay.

“Due to the enormously broad international network with business in 50 markets and more than 150 currencies around the world and the necessary acquiring licenses, EVO Payments International was the first choice for us to get a few steps closer to this goal . Furthermore, Silkpay shares the same values ​​and goal as EVO. Namely, to exceed the expectations of customers and partners. By combining expertise and innovative strength, we can set our sights on this goal together and achieve it faster and more reliably,” Annie Guo continues.

EVO Payments enables increased sales

“We are particularly pleased that, as a partner of Silkpay, we are now co-writing the success story of this impressive fintech company and that we are making our contribution to increasing sales and generating new customers on an international level with our offline and online payment solutions for the Silkpay payment platform. Silkpay connects Chinese customers with merchants across Europe by enabling them to accept Chinese payment methods, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, both at the physical point of sale and online,” explains Anna Bejaoui, General Manager at EVO Payments International .

EVO Payments International
Anna Bejaoui is General Manager at EVO Payments International. (Image: EVO Payments)

Founded in 2016 Silkpay is an internationally oriented FinTech company and provider of payment solutions in Europe. Silkpay offers secure omnichannel payment solutions that enable the most popular payment methods to be used at the POS and in online shops across Europe and the United States. These include Alipay, WeChat Pay, China UnionPay/UnionPay International, Visa, Mastercard, CB, PayPal, Google Pay, as well as bank transfers and direct debits.

Founded in 1989 EVO Payments International is part of the EVO Payments Group and a full-service provider for Germany and Europe. The offer includes all services of cashless payment transactions in stationary trade and in e-commerce. This ranges from acquiring (card acceptance) through network operation and POS terminals to payment service providing and card acceptance at ATMs. (sg)

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