Ex-SAP works council chairman is about to be dismissed


The former chairman of the SAP works council, Ralf Zeiger, is about to be kicked out of the company. A spokesman for the software company based in Walldorf said on Wednesday about relevant information from works council circles: “We confirm that the works council of SAP SE has approved the extraordinary termination of the former works council chairman.” The next steps will now be taken. Details were not given.

Works council members enjoy special protection against dismissal. Zeiger announced his resignation from the post a few days ago. The SAP spokesman went on to say: “The focus here is on the utmost care, corporate governance and the protection of the privacy of those involved.” The company had already initiated internal investigations against Zeiger and another works council.

The pointer, which is now facing the termination, is said to have “made it difficult to clear up the matter, suppressed circumstantial facts” in the course of an investigation against a colleague from the works and the supervisory board, and tried to “prevent the truth from being ascertained”, according to the documents available to the dpa . SAP is investigating Zeiger’s colleagues internally after a whistleblower has reported suspicion of wage fraud. He is alleged to have taken vacation without accounting for it correctly. The former head of the works council is said to have manipulated e-mails in this context.


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